Made in Thailand

By popular international verdict, Thai handicrafts are unrivalled for quality, variety and value. The Kingdom’s craftsmen have been making exquisite handicrafts for hundreds of years. Their works of art now adorn homes all over the world. The country boats of vibrant cottage industries and village artisans throughout the country turn out an incredible array of goods, ranging from the classic beauty of Khon masks to the subtle basket weaves.

Handicraft making is not confined t just one region. Different provinces produce various items For example, Chiang Mai is ideal place for hilltribe handicrafts, woodcarvings, silverware, and lacquer ware. The Northeast is renowned for silk. Southern Thailand is known for willowware, silver jewelry and basketry. Bangkok, the shopping capital, is famous for jewelry and bronze ware. While Pattaya is not known for its handicraft industries, all kinds of arts and crafts are available in the resort.

Thai handicrafts posses their own special allure and it’s up to you to decide what to buy. Silver jewelry is a real bargain and whether on the sidewalk or in fancy jewelry stores, great bargains on intricately carved necklaces, bracelets and earrings abound. By the way, Thai silver is 92.5 percent pure, a combination of old Indian rupees and pure silver. Thai silk is very popular. Since American Jim Thompson helped Thailand boosts the Thai silk industry in the 1950s, The industry has boomed producing some of the finest silk in the world. The value of the fabric cannot be matched anywhere else.

Travelers to the Northeast are especially lucky, as some of the finest and cheapest silk is available there. Some of the most popular items that do not fall into any listed category are the “mon khwan,” a triangular cushion. In the Thai house, cushions are indispensable part of leisure life. Because furniture is kept to a minimum (to allow free flow of space and air), the “triangle cushion” is a perfect piece for relaxing.

Then there are gold, antiques, bronze ware, ceramics, leather ware, ready-to-wear clothes, etc. Many of these items can even be bought at the street stalls or value prices. In the last decade, Thai handicrafts have gained more international appeal making the country a favorite shopping destination in Asia.

Pattaya has fully embraced modernity just like the rest of other areas frequented by tourists in the Kingdom of Thailand but some traditions are still well kept alive creating a wonderful blend of modern conveniences and ancient Thai lifestyle. That’s exactly what you’ll find and feel at Sugar Hut Resort, a family-owned enterprise nurtured through the years, which offers a unique experience living in an old Thai-style house.

Set away in secluded jungle-like surroundings where animals like peacocks and rabbits freely roam around, Sugar Hut boasts of elevated wooden villas each with a serene and beautiful garden-like bathroom with traditional earthen Thai jar and a deck area that separates the bedroom from the living room. “You can barely see Thai-style house in Pattaya. It’s mostly high-rise buildings,” says Yanin Viravaidya, general manager of Sugar Hut Resort and a second-generation scion of a medical doctor who established the resort.

Yanin says their resort offers “an escape from the whole hectic city” and a chance to relive in a wooden traditional Thai-style house without sacrificing the conveniences of the modern-day era. Each villa has an elevated bed with a beautifully- laden mosquito net. Each bathroom has hot and cold water and a rain-shower for that that earthly jungle-feel. The living room is equipped with a mini refrigerator and a cozy sofa where you can hang out or unwind. There are three swimming pools around the resort, each with wet and dry saunas.

Non-guests can also avail of these amenities for just 1,000 Baht per person per day. Nearby is a restaurant where you can sample some of the best Thai dishes you can find. The resort also has a lounge area where you can read books or magazines, learn more about Thai culture or simply to chill out. And there’s more—Sugar Hut can arrange boat trips, scuba diving or even a brief tour to the city. Yanin assures their staff are always ready to help guests to make their stay in Thailand truly amazing.


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