Health hazards to watch out for


Having a holiday in Thailand should be a fun and healthy one for you.

However, we would like to remind readers that although Thailand has excellent health care and controls, please do watch out for various health hazards that could ruin your trip.

Insect bites Insect bites and stings are the most common problem while holidaying in Thailand. Mosquitoes are the most menacing, while least deadly they are most abundant and their bites most itchy. There are repellant creams and lotions for sale widely.

When stung by bees or wasps, don’t panic. Most victims experience only discomfort. Those who are allergic may develop anaphylactic shock and get medical attention immediately. Drinking water Drink bottled water only. Make sure the seal is intact.

Water served in reputable restaurant is generally safe though. Cubed ice is fine. Avoid chipped ice. Also, make sure that you drink at least two liters of fluid (non-alcoholic) daily. Infection Microbial and viral infections cause trouble for the greatest number of people.

Intestinal infections resulting from diarrhea is most common. There are more serious infections such as hepatitis. Always use condoms to protect against all STDs. Snake and poisonous bites Should you intend to hike through grassy or forested area, make some noise along the way. If you’re taking a trek at night, carry a torch or flashlight.

If you’re bitten by a snake or other nasty insects like scorpion, try to remain calm. Immobilize the affected limb by binding it to restrict the flow of venom. Get medical help immediately.

Sunburn…  Apply 30+ sunscreen on exposed parts of your body. If you want to have a good tan, don’t try to acquire it by overexposing yourself to the sun. Take it slowly. A little exposure each day is best.



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