Amazing Underwater World

Touted as Asia’s largest and most modern ocean aquarium, Underwater World Pattaya is sure to delight anyone who visits this 100-meter long, 6.4-centimeter thick acrylic pedestrian tunnel filled with hundreds of fascinating and wonderful sea creatures.

Get a glimpse of your favorite sea animal in motion and more, including the rare shovelnose ray, a hybrid between a shark and a stingray. Located just 200 meters south of Tesco Lotus in South Pattaya, this 12-Rai theme park is neatly packed in a structure similar to a large circus tent. “This enables the place to have natural light that nurtures the algae

The aquarium houses more than 4,000 marine animals, comprising more than 200 different species from the region as well as some rare creatures from overseas,” explained David Hong, general manager and project investor.

Your Underwater World journey begins at the shallow “Touch Pool” area where visitors can see and interact with live marine animals like sharks, stingrays, turtles, starfishes, seahorses, different fish, seaweeds, corals in multitude colors, small creatures, among other species.

Visitors will then proceed down to the state-of-the-art acrylic underwater tunnel which is divided into three zones. The first part is themed “Reef Zone” featuring coral reef. Next is “Sharks and Rays Zone” showcasing sharks, stingrays and other creatures from the deepest part of the sea.

The last is the “Shipwrecks Zone” showcasing various kinds of edible fish. Get lost and enthralled with these amazing sea creatures which can only be seen at Underwater World Pattaya but don’t forget to flash that smile when you get your souvenir photos.



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