BANGSAEN a dream holiday destination


There are few places in the world that offer an amazing variety of sights and sounds such as Thailand. Fresh discoveries will surely surprise and delight every visitor. That’s because the country is a virtual dream holiday destination overflowing with culinary and cultural delights, festivals and feasts, islands and beaches.


One beach not too far from Pattaya is Bangsaen in the province of Chonburi. Primarily visited by locals, it used to be a mere fishing village but is now a bustling town ideal for that quick weekend or weekday trip. Upon arrival, simply rent a canvass chair and soak in the fun and sun. If the heat gets a bit too punishing for the skin, there are huge umbrellas that can also be rented. Food vendors who gather near the shore sell Thai food and snacks. In the center of town is Ang Sila, a food market known for fresh fish, squid, crabs and other shellfish unloaded daily by trawlers plying the waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Another market worth a visit is Nong Mon where the best dried seafood and sweets made from coconuts are sold as well as fresh and preserved fruits. Between Ang Sila and Bangsaen beach is Sam Muk Hill. A winding road leads to the top where monkeys live in their natural habitat. Just the right place to take some photos. At the end of Bangsaen is Laem Ta, a cape with a concrete walkway and a new pavilion where visitors will be treated to a spectacular sunset view.


Children will surely be interested to explore Srinakarinwirot University’s marine aquarium that houses practically every form of marine life in the country. Accommodation is easy, with numerous hotels, resorts and budget inns located close to the beach. Just look for one that will suit your budget. Getting there : Bangsaen is only 14 kilometers from Chonburi town. From Sukhumvit Road, traffic to Bangsaen branches off to the right at kilometer 104.




Most visitors to Pattaya meet on Beach Road, the city’s most popular thoroughfare. Running parallel to the city’s main beach, the road starts at the Pattaya North Traffic circle (roundabout) and goes south all the way to Walking Street. Three beaches can be reached from Beach Road. The North Beach or Pattaya Neu is the least crowded of the three and the most peaceful. It starts from the roundabout to the north.

North Beach has some of the best openair seafood restaurants found right on the sandy beach. The Middle or Central Pattaya beach is the busiest and the most crowded at any time of the day or night. Just a bit off North Beach, passing the Golden Mermaid and Dolphin statues, this is also where shopping malls, boutique shops, bars and restaurants, hotels are cramped together, competing for space. On the beach itself are clusters of deck chairs with colorful umbrellas that can be rented for a few baht a day.

There’s a wide array of foods to choose from, available at the flick of a finger, thanks to those ubiquitous ambulant vendors who sell everything from coco juice to roasted pork and amulets. The South Pattaya beach has a totally different character from the North and Central beaches. There is no beach area here to speak of. The whole beach is occupied by business establishments.

Here, the real fun and excitement starts at 7 p.m. when the street is closed to vehicular traffic and transforms itself into what everybody calls the Walking Street. Most of the city’s songtheaw (blue pickup truck) public transport vehicles ply the Beach Road. One can travel the whole length of the road for a measly ten or 20 baht. Apart from the beach chair, everything else can be rented at the beach, including water sports facilities, like parasails, banana boats and jet skis.Massage service is also available at the beach.