Rim Talay Seafood Restaurant & Steak


Enchanting beachfront view, delicious food, excellent service, truly a unique dining experience in Pattaya! Pattaya is known for many things. A gourmet paradise is one of them. The city is awash with all sorts of cuisines, restaurants and bars offering Thai and international cuisines but few can remarkably offer you that unique dining experience with an enchanting beachfront view, live and fresh seafood and the tastiest food you could ever taste.

Located on the beach at Half Moon Bay on the Wong-Amat Beach, Rim Talay Seafood Restaurant & Steak is making waves with its delicious food, excellent service. The owners are no stranger to the food industry having run the Mr. 99 Seafood & Steak off the corner of Soi 7 along the main beach road area more than a decade ago.

There was some apprehension at first for Rim Talay mainly because of its location but the area had since rapidly grew with large condos and hotels which include the Centara Grand Mirage Resort. Rim Talay’s General Manager Khun Kanuengsuk Prungpluem, popularly known as Khun Oy, says their restaurant is the only one offering real full-service seafood dining experience right on the beach. Happy customers seem to be their best marketing weapons. “We provide friendly and professional service and truly delicious variety of food—seafood, Thai food, Canadian steaks, New Zealand mussels, Norwegian Salmon, etc., cooked in various styles that enticed customers to return as well as tell their friends. We also kept prices at very reasonable competitive level. Advertising plus ‘word-of-mouth’ were our best marketing strategies.p1

Plus we have the best seafood,” says Khun Oy. Rim Talay, after all, adheres to high standards. It is part of a consortium of hotels and restaurants operating in Pattaya, Phuket and Samui. In all, the group consists of 4 hotels, 4 land based restaurants and 3 floating restaurants, a total of 11 different businesses located in Pattaya and other Thai locations with a workforce of nearly 1,000. Rim Talay is actually a multi- level beachfront restaurant, each with different themes, giving customers more choices.

It is large enough to host big events with a seating capacity of 500 and more if you include the coty corners. Ocean View or the top level is an al fresco dining area offering diners a great view of the sea often with many colorful leisure and fishing boats. The Cabana Terrace is an indoor dining area yet still offers diners a great panoramic view of the Pattaya Bay. This is actually the main dining area with its tables well prepared and provided with table cloths and other appurtenances for first class restaurant dining service.


Beside it is the Cabana Bar & Lounge, with a number of comfy sofas for those wanting to drink either fancy cocktails, ice cold beer, international wine or Italian coffee or other refreshments and watch the sunset or to chat during afternoons and evenings. Then, there is the Cabana Bar which provides the stage for live music. And yes, you’re allowed to dance and sway with the music at the white sandy beach fronting the bar.

Not so distant is the Coconut Beach Club lined up with umbrellas and tables right on the beach designed for diners wanting to be closer to the sea and feel the breezy cool air. The place offers a variety of drinks and snacks with a big screen to keep you entertained and informed. There are also dozens of comfortable lounges to lie around to enjoy the sun during daytime or the stars and the moon at night while you sip your favorite drink. You can also have a massage on the beach if you fancy one.

Seafood Market where you can choose live seafood for your next meal is also worth exploring. With huge tanks, live crabs, shrimps, lobsters and a variety of fish are kept fresh before they are cooked to perfection. And don’t worry—Rim Talay’s kitchen is ready for any challenges with its well-trained chefs, cooks and other staff who can deliver your order in a snap.

The king lobster or rock lobster, king prawn,fish, blue crabs as well as the imported premium steaks are some of the house favorites. Spider crabs are another favorite which, despite its rather fearsome name, is very delicious, meaty and great eating. Other popular dishes include shrimps and fishes which the restaurant has in abundance and perennial great sellers. Though primarily a seafood restaurant, Rim Talay also offers Thai food, steaks and European dishes for these few that are not able to eat seafood.p4

One of the most popular is Black Angus steaks, whose meat is imported from Canada and shipped by air, chilled but not frozen and grain fed for 120 days, to retain their special flavor. The restaurant also offers vegetarian dishes. Rim Talay also offers a special attraction which many tourists really enjoy: shrimp fishing. Fishing for fish and shrimp fishing are totally different and there are special hostesses that help guests learn the special techniques needed.

They are provided fishing poles, etc., and a pool stocked with shrimps. It is not difficult to learn and many guests manage to fish their own shrimps and have the restaurant cook it for them. As Khun Oy says “You do the fishing. We do the cooking.”

Location: Naklua Road Soi 18, beach area next to Centara Grand Hotel.

Call 038-426375-6. Open from 10 am till late. Visit http://www.rimtalayseafood.com,

for more information.


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