p11Blurb : Parasailing is for those seeking a rush of adrenaline The knowledge that you can do what many people can only dream about gives a sense of power incomparable to none. That’s why parasailing has become the newest sport to attract those seeking a temporary rush of adrenaline. In Pattaya, the wind speed is ideal for parasailing, which has become a favorite sport of adventurers, given the challenge and thrill that it brings. Parasailing is something that few have even dreamed about, much less tried.

“My heart started to beat faster once the boat turned slowly. Suddenly, the parachute took me higher, causing an air-pocket effect,” said a first-time parasailer who requested anonymity. “One’s knees feel rubbery. There is an unexplainable sensation to the whole thing. You practically feel like a bird. It’s just great,” said another neophyte. Indeed, the sport gives those up in the air a different perspective of everything on the ground, and definitely a natural high.

p12So, how does one get to fly and watch the world while in Pattaya? It’s simple. Just go to the beach and ask for the parasailing team to attach the harness to your waist. Don’t forget to wear swimming goggles for eye protection. Then, get into the water and wait to be lifted to the sky. While there, feel the wind and the freedom. Enjoy a panoramic view of Pattaya below which only the birds see every day. The parasailing experience is something that will keep you “high” for a long, long time. Try it while you are in Pattaya.


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