Holistic body care


A spa, of course, connotes a curative mineral spring where people, particularly the elderly, get miraculously healed of certain ailments. Although it still has that mystical connotation, the modern spa is more about getting treatment for health, beauty and full body rest. It is more about holistic body care to help you feel better – and beautiful. Little wonder a standard spa menu now includes facial massage, body massage, body scrub, body treatments, mineral bath, and sauna.

Much joy can now be derived from a visit to a spa – such as being pampered like a baby with a soothing mud bath or a sensuous skin-cleansing scrub, which can really relaxing. In Thailand, a spa treatment is one of the most glorious memories you will ever have from your holiday. The treatment is made even more inviting by that legendary Thai hospitality – that warm Thai trait where you are made to feel extra important. And Thailand, being a big bargain house, spa treatment here is much, much cheaper than anywhere else.

While most of these are still in five-star hotels, many stand-alone spas have sprung up across the country. Some have Eden-like environments, with charming foliage and beautiful flower gardens all around, making you feel totally at peace and at one with nature. A spa is a magical experience worthy of your visit to this exotic country. The best spas are all here and all you have to do is pick the one that suits you.



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