Thailand’s signature dish Pad Thai


p1It has been said Thailand does not only have a different curry for each day of the year, but it also has a different Pad Thai for every cook. Much of Thai food is based on noodles. They are everywhere in different shapes and textures. Thailand they taste good.

If you venture out into the street, you need to learn the Thai word for noodle if you want to order. And that’s “Kway tiyao”. It looks intimidating compared to “pasta.” But syllable by syllable it breaks down easily: “Kway-“ just like the word “way” with ‘k’ in front. Easy. Next is “ti” jut like the word ‘tea’ in ‘tea cup’.

Good. Then there’s ‘yao,’ like somebody pinched you. “Yow! That hurt!” Put it all together – Kway-tiyao. Using this word will help you sensing your willingness to understand, the noodle vendor will treat you better. You may mispronounce it a couple of times, but just laugh when you do and you win friends. The rice noodle family of Kway tiyao is everywhere in al many of dishes. The most popular Thai noodle dish – and you will know this if you happen to stray into Khaosarn Road in Bnagkok – is Pad Thai.

Often referred to as the signature dish of Thai cuisine, Pad Thai will hit all your senses. It is hot with chilies, pungent with dried shrimp and crushed peanuts, and subtle sauce gives it a bit of sweetness and tang.



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