Rim Talay Seafood Restaurant Celebrates 7 years with complete makeover


Opened 7 years ago, Rim Talay restaurant celebrates its 7th birthday with a complete makeover from top to bottom. “We are so happy to celebrate 7 years of successful operations for which we thank our many customers from around the world,” says Khun Kanuengsuk Prungpluem (Khun Oy) the general manager. “Our new renovations will reflect customer wishes so that we are able to provide better facilities and services. It is one of the ways we thank our customers for their continued custom by listening to their suggestions.” When the restaurants first opened its doors 7 years ago on the beach at Half Moon Bay at the end of Soi 18, next to the Centara Grand Mirage Resort the area was not very well known and there were thoughts that customers would not know to find the place.

However customers came and found the location perfect and the restaurant’s presence helped generate more traffic in the beach area so that today the beach is a very popular place for people seeking refuge from crowds off the main beach in Pattaya. Rim Talay’s new renovations start right at the beginning when customers enter the restaurant. Here they have created the biggest “seafood restaurant market” in Pattaya.


First they transformed one of their shrimp fishing pools into the largest seafood display pool in Pattaya where customers can choose live seafood like king lobsters, rock lobsters, river prawns, Fish and so forth swimming for customers to select prior to cooking. In addition they also have around 10 large glass aquariums where fresh live seafood and fish are kept for customers to eyeball.

Morever they have kept another pool nearby for their very popular fresh shrimp fishing where customers can try their luck skills with fishing for shrimps. A fun activity that is easy to do, but requires a bit of skill in order to master. This has been one of their signature fun activities and remains very popular. The restaurant cooks shrimp caught for customers with the slogan “you do the fishing and we do the cooking”.

Next to the live seafood pool customers pass through the fresh chilled food area where seafood are kept for people that prefer not to order live fish. Then customers pass near the grill area and kitchen next to it where they have a staff of 25 cooks busy with many orders. The cooks are specialists in seafood cooking as well as in the preparation of imported steaks.

The second floor is kept as the place to view the beautiful Half Moon Bay and is very popular particular during sunsets. The second floor area is reduced a bit to allow for more open roof space for the first floor terrace. “The second floor we have redecorated a bit to allow for private parties and other functions. Customers wanting to celebrate specials events like birthdays and such and can now have a better private area to celebrate” says Khun Oy. “Our redecorations of mainly white themes keep the mood of casual and relaxed elegance to reflect the spirit of the restaurant and mirror the beauty of the ambiance of the dark blue sea, white clouds, long golden sandy beach and lush greenery of our tropical garden areas.

Sunsets are often spectacular with the sun sliding into the distant ocean’s edge”! The biggest change is on the first floor or the “Sunset View Terrace” as they call the area. The area has been expanded doubling its capacity with more open sky space with the removal of part of the floor of the second floor. A retractable awning has been installed to allow for a roof cover in case of inclement weather. “This means more of our customers can dine under the stars while enjoying one of the best seafood in Pattaya” says Khun Oy. “Rim Talay is the only seafood restaurant that offers full service dining experience right on the beach for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner in Pattaya and we intend of keep and improve on this tradition,” according to Khun Oy. During the day there are dozens of sun beds for customers who wish to enjoy the sun while dining. In the evening more tables and relaxing beach sofas are set up according to demand so customers are able to dine under the stars with the ocean practically lapping at their feet.



“Rim Talay is the only seafood restaurant that offers full service dining experience right on the beach for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner in Pattaya and we intend of keep and improve on this tradition,” according to Khun Oy. During the day there are dozens of sun beds for customers who wish to enjoy the sun while dining. In the evening more tables and relaxing beach sofas are set up according to demand so customers are able to dine under the stars with the ocean practically lapping at their feet. As an added innovation and a conversation piece they have also transformed a ‘tuk-tuk’ to become a draft beer bar, which is parked in the beach area. In addition to beer the restaurant maintains an excellent selection of wines from around the world for customers who want to choose the right wine with their meals. There are also tempting tropical cocktails served throughout the day. “We provide friendly and professional service together with our truly delicious seafood as well as imported steaks. Our wine selections go well with most dishes. We also have Australian or Canadian steaks, which we keep chilled to keep its unique flavors, as well as Thai, Asian and European food. We also offer New Zealand mussels, Norwegian salmon, and Thai specialties all at compatible prices because we want customers to return. Advertising and “word-of-mouth” are our marketing strategies and it has worked well for us,” according to Khun Oy.


The main menu is spectacular boosting over 200 items of seafood, steaks, Thai and European food and each menu item has a photograph of the actual dish plus describing each dish in 5 languages (Thai, English, German, Chinese and Russian). Khun Oy further mentioned; “We also added a completely new and chic as well as romantic and relaxing “Chill-out-Zone” in front of the beach with cozy furniture, sparkling lights and a special chill-out-menu offering “Stone Oven Pizza” and other delicious items besides our international variety of seafood, steaks, Thai and Asian delights. Since we opened the “Chill-out- Zone” it quickly became a hit with our guests!” Another new addition is the “TukTuk Beach Bar” located right in front of the beach with breathtaking views and offering a wide varieties of drinks from draft beer to tropical cocktails, wine and delicious Mock-tails all of which are also available for take-away while strolling along the beach!


The ever – popular J O M T I E N B E A C H

Long before Pattaya become a famous destination, Jomtien Beach has already carved a rich of its own – at least among local beachgoers who adored it for its pearly white sand and long straight beach. Albeit a little late, there’s a renewed tourist interest in Jomtien. One an ordinary day, the resort looks like a busy carnival ground.

Colorful umbrellas dot the whole stretch of the beach and sun worshippers in all kinds of swimwear – skimpy or otherwise – spice up the scene. They make interesting foreground to the huge palm leaves that frame the overhead. The gentle breeze completes a trop ical beach tableau. Jomtien was an ole fishing village and a favorite picnic destination among Bangkok residents.

Its white sand beach obviously was the main attraction. It wasn’t the country’s water sport center then. That distinction come much, much later. Today, Jomtien is more popular as a water sport destination. The six-kilometer long, largely straight beach, located around the headland from Pattaya, is popular with waters ports enthusiasts. It is also quieter and more relaxing than Pattaya Beach. Hotels and other accommodation facilities are available along the road that runs parallel to the shore.



Windsurfing is the beach’s most popular water sports, especially from October through June. These months have the ideal water and wind conditions for windsurfing. Other water sports popular at Jomtien are skydiving, kite boarding, parasailing and water- skiing. These is little in the way of shopping or beer bars one Jomtien, which is essentially a residential area with beachside hotels, bungalow complexes, condominiums and restaurants. Jomtien is also home to Pattaya Park, an entertainment complex with a water park, roller coaster, monorail and children’s activities. The 56-story Pattaya Park tower is a Pattaya landmark and can be seen virtually from anywhere in the city.

BANGSAEN a dream holiday destination


There are few places in the world that offer an amazing variety of sights and sounds such as Thailand. Fresh discoveries will surely surprise and delight every visitor. That’s because the country is a virtual dream holiday destination overflowing with culinary and cultural delights, festivals and feasts, islands and beaches.


One beach not too far from Pattaya is Bangsaen in the province of Chonburi. Primarily visited by locals, it used to be a mere fishing village but is now a bustling town ideal for that quick weekend or weekday trip. Upon arrival, simply rent a canvass chair and soak in the fun and sun. If the heat gets a bit too punishing for the skin, there are huge umbrellas that can also be rented. Food vendors who gather near the shore sell Thai food and snacks. In the center of town is Ang Sila, a food market known for fresh fish, squid, crabs and other shellfish unloaded daily by trawlers plying the waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Another market worth a visit is Nong Mon where the best dried seafood and sweets made from coconuts are sold as well as fresh and preserved fruits. Between Ang Sila and Bangsaen beach is Sam Muk Hill. A winding road leads to the top where monkeys live in their natural habitat. Just the right place to take some photos. At the end of Bangsaen is Laem Ta, a cape with a concrete walkway and a new pavilion where visitors will be treated to a spectacular sunset view.


Children will surely be interested to explore Srinakarinwirot University’s marine aquarium that houses practically every form of marine life in the country. Accommodation is easy, with numerous hotels, resorts and budget inns located close to the beach. Just look for one that will suit your budget. Getting there : Bangsaen is only 14 kilometers from Chonburi town. From Sukhumvit Road, traffic to Bangsaen branches off to the right at kilometer 104.



Most visitors to Pattaya meet on Beach Road, the city’s most popular thoroughfare. Running parallel to the city’s main beach, the road starts at the Pattaya North Traffic circle (roundabout) and goes south all the way to Walking Street. Three beaches can be reached from Beach Road. The North Beach or Pattaya Neu is the least crowded of the three and the most peaceful. It starts from the roundabout to the north.

North Beach has some of the best openair seafood restaurants found right on the sandy beach. The Middle or Central Pattaya beach is the busiest and the most crowded at any time of the day or night. Just a bit off North Beach, passing the Golden Mermaid and Dolphin statues, this is also where shopping malls, boutique shops, bars and restaurants, hotels are cramped together, competing for space. On the beach itself are clusters of deck chairs with colorful umbrellas that can be rented for a few baht a day.

There’s a wide array of foods to choose from, available at the flick of a finger, thanks to those ubiquitous ambulant vendors who sell everything from coco juice to roasted pork and amulets. The South Pattaya beach has a totally different character from the North and Central beaches. There is no beach area here to speak of. The whole beach is occupied by business establishments.

Here, the real fun and excitement starts at 7 p.m. when the street is closed to vehicular traffic and transforms itself into what everybody calls the Walking Street. Most of the city’s songtheaw (blue pickup truck) public transport vehicles ply the Beach Road. One can travel the whole length of the road for a measly ten or 20 baht. Apart from the beach chair, everything else can be rented at the beach, including water sports facilities, like parasails, banana boats and jet skis.Massage service is also available at the beach.

Koh Larn, Thailand


Escape to the popular Coral Island on this Koh Larn Coral Island Trip from Pattaya including Seafood Lunch. A friendly driver will collect you from your hotel and transport you to your boat that will sweep you away to this island. Relax on white sandy beaches, soak up the sun or snorkel amid colorful tropical fish. Choose to water ski, parasail or windsurf (at additional cost) or stay safe and dry on a boat trip through the reef (additional cost). You’ll enjoy a fresh and delicious seafood lunch at a pleasant seaside restaurant before returning to Pattaya by speedboat and then on to your hotel accommodations.

Koh Larn has six main beaches and a few smaller ones not mentioned here. All of the beaches are of white sand and clear azure waters. You will find food services restrooms and showers at all beaches as well.  Accommodations can be had at both Samae and Tawaen beaches.  Beach chairs run around a 100 Baht at most places. Because you are paying for beach chairs you can bring along your own food and drinks if you like and save a little money. Some of the taxi drivers offer around the island tours with a brief stop at each beach for you to have a short look, around, then off to the beach you like the most. Cost for around the island tours run around 400 Baht. You could opt out to rent a motorbike for 200 Baht a day, be sure you know how to handle a motorbike.

How to get there: From Bangkok, take a cab which will take you to Pattaya in less than 2 hours. Thailand public transportation is also available from Ekkamai bus station where you can catch an air conditioned bus every 30 minutes. Once you reach Pattaya go to Bali Hai Pier which is close to the end of walking street. Public transport boat service is available which costs just 30 baht per person and will take you the Nabaan Pier which is the main pier in Koh Larn. It takes around 40 minutes to reach Koh Lan. If you want to reach there faster, hire a speed which will cost you around 300 baht ad will get you in Coral Island (Koh Laan) in 15 minutes.


Koh Larn Beaches

The island has got five main beaches. Instead of settling down at the crowded beach near the pier, take a pickup taxi service or motorcycle taxi and go to one of the less crowded and beaches to enjoy the sea and sun. Here are my recommendations for the best beaches in Ko Larn.

Samae Beach

Samae is the most beautiful beach in Koh Larn. Less crowded and if you are visiting during on a normal day, you plenty of beach for yourself. Get soaked in the sea and expose yourself to the sun while enjoy the clear blue waters and white sand on the shore. I have visited Samae beach more than once and it is always relaxing to have a beer and some delicious Thai food at one of the beach side restaurants. If you are visiting during the high season you may notice large number of Russian tourists on this beach and during long weekend lot of Thais also visit Coral Island. When you are visiting Koh Larn, make sure that you go to Samae Beach.

Tawaen Beach

This is the biggest beach on the island and is crowded with tourists. However the beach is beautiful and you have plenty of activities on Tawaen Beach. If you don’t mind walking around lot of smiling people then you will definitely like it here. If you are travelling in speed boat, mostly they will directly drop you at this beach. Plenty of restaurants, shops and fun activities in the sea.

Thong Lang Beach

Thong lang is calm beach which ideal for those who love less crowd. This location is very good for snorkeling where you can find some amazing coral reefs and view the beauty of the underwater ocean. Well, you are on coral island.

Nual Beach

This is the beach that faces towards Pattaya city and the one you will catch a glimpse first. If you are planning to sit and relax on the beach and not going to swim in the ocean, then I suggest you to go to Nuan beach, Koh Larn.

Tien Beach

The Tien beach is adjacent to Samae Beach though the view is not spectacular as Samae. But is quieter. Let me give you a tip to make the most out of your visit to Koh Larn. Go to Samae beach in the morning and adore the prettiest beach. By noon when Samae gets crowded, head over to Tien beach and have a delicious lunch at one of the nice restaurants here.koh-larn-lady-taking-self-portrait-on-samae-beach449x300









The small-island charm of Si Chang

Just off the coast of Chonburi is a perfect island getaway – easy to reach, its sights can be toured in less than a day, leaving one enough time for the beach. Ko Si Chang’s main draw, however, is its sleepy vibe and small-town charm that other Thai islands lost long ago in the drive to attract tourists.

Getting to Si Chang is easy thanks to regular mini-vans to the port of Sri Racha. When you arrive, it’s worth taking a look around. Because of the many Japanese companies based in the area, businesses cater especially to Japanese expats – every second shop is a sushi bar and most signs are in Hiragana. Boats to Si Chang leave hourly and aren’t for the faint-hearted. At first glance, they seem rickety and most are overloaded with day-trippers carrying fishing gear. Sri Racha is close to the Laem Chabang deep sea port, so there’s a lot of shipping and the ferry boats often weave between the bigger vessels.

Jump ashore at Si Chang’s bustling pier and you’ll be offered (in the laid-back island way you’ll learn to appreciate) a Tuk-Tuk. These aren’t the cramped and view-blocking Bangkok versions, but large four-seaters with room to stretch out. It’s cheaper to take the same driver if you want to see the sights. If you’re just here for a beach break, the island’s best spot is the bay of Tham Phang, on the west coast.

There is a nice stretch of sand and sheltered swimming with no annoying jet-skis. I like to spend the day sitting under the beach umbrellas eating fresh crabs or barbequed shrimps, but there are other attractions if you can get out of your deck-chair. And it’s worth exploring Si Chang. Despite being small, the island plays its part in Thai history.

Thailand is justly proud of having never been colonised, but Si Chang was briefly taken over by the French in 1893 during a struggle over control of Laos. Until then, the island had been a getaway for King Rama V the Great, who built his teakwood home here: the Manthatratanarote Royal Mansion.

The small-island charm of Si Chang After the Gallic incursion, the mansion was taken down and rebuilt in Bangkok where it’s now better known as Vimanmek Palace. But the lovely landscaped gardens are still intact and show it must have been a glorious place in its heyday with inviting bathing pools under the trees, made up like natural grottos.

While only the foundations of the palace are still in place, the sturdy teak homes King Rama V the Great built for people to recuperate from illness still stand, with grand views of the Thai coast. Take a walk out on the handsome wooden pier and you can see dozens of international ships at anchor. It seems little has changed since the 17th century when the island was called Amsterdam due to the huge number of vessels belonging to the

Dutch East India Company. Do visit the sprawling Chinese temple on the hill known as San Chao Pho Khao Yai, with its colorful dragons, mystical murals and ancient statues. A cutecable car is there to take you up the hill. Further above the temple is a replica of a Buddha Footprint in its own shrine. The view from the top will take your breath away, if there’s any left, as it’s an exhausting climb. Top tip: there is a back road to the top where your driver can drop you off. The relic was brought from India by Prince Damrong Rajanuphab in 1892 and is now a pilgrimage site.

When staying overnight, enjoy the sunset views from the Tham Phang point before visiting the old town to eat. There are seafood places by the roadside cooking freshly caught produce. There’s no nightlife on the island, other than watching the locals wandering round chatting in their pajamas. It seems a long way from partying Pattaya, down the coast. But this little slice of yesteryear offers the perfect break.