Get more for less at Pattaya’s Floating Market

Technology has made traveling convenient and more accessible for many of us. And many of us want to make the most of our travel budget to perhaps stay longer in a destination we’re visiting or buy more for souvenirs or gifts.


When in this part of Thailand, one of your best bets in stretching that budget is visiting the Pattaya Floating Market located along Sukhumvit Road, touted to be the biggest in the world. This sprawling manmade floating market spread over a 100,000 square meters of space offers you practically anything you want to buy or try in terms of amusement.

Strategically divided into four parts representing each region of the Kingdom, you will see here the different cultures and traditions around Thailand. Close to 80 paddle boats are also available to walk you through this massive floating market linked by a network of canals and wooden bridges. While traversing, you will see water vendors moving around with their paddle boats selling different items, mostly fruits and ready-to-eat delicious Thai foods.


For 10 Baht or more you could try one of these delicious authentic Thai foods and you’d be glad you did. Not to be outdone, some international dishes are also available, including the so-called Turkish ice cream. In the intricately designed wooden floating market are over 100 shops or stalls where you can find handicrafts, silk and other clothing items, paintings, Thai herbs and herbal products, bags, shoes, trinkets, wood carvings, soaps, cosmetics and a whole lot more.


One of the most popular shops among visitors is the 20 Baht store where everything is sold for that amount. Several such stores can be found in different parts of the floating market. Here, you will find sweets, chips and other desserts with longer than a week shelflife sold for just 20 Baht each.

That amount can also buy you scented facial and body soaps, bracelets, anklets, incense sticks with beautifully designed ceramic holders, mugs, key chains and many more. Moving around, you will also notice makeshift stages where performances are made like the Thai classical dance, martial arts demonstrations and even water boxing. When in Pattaya, head to the floating market and let your eyes feast on the goods if not your wallet. It sure is worth your time.