Let your hair down At Walking Street

A VISIT to the Walking Street is always a highlight of one’s tour of Pattaya. Its unique ambiance is an experience in itself that is amazing and captivating. Upon entering it, you get a sense of a free-spirited lifestyle. You can’t help but be overwhelmed by the cacophony of sounds all around, prompting you to let go and let your hair down as well. Part of the Walking Street’s charm is its spontaneity. You do as you please, as long, of course, as it is within the bounds of the law and decency.

The wide span of its street serves as the center stage where various activities take place. There is a continuous flow of people coming from all directions, many of them seeking new adventures. These adventures can include the gastronomic kind. You can either have fine dining or go for street food from street-smart entrepreneurs who post their menus, right on lampposts along the street. Many of the menus are written in Thai, which is baffling considering that most visitors are foreign tourists.


Those with fetish for the macabre can go and watch a native snake charmer as he cheats death every time he dodges the deadly strike of a seething cobra that sends some in the audience to jump from their seats when the snake becomes too close for comfort. One may opt for extreme adventure of adult shows, available at a wave of the hand to peddlers disguised as, well, software or music CD vendors. For the lonely at heart, there is the adventure of a lifetime. And that is to pursue the girl of your dream by going for the stools where a bevy of lovely and heavily made up girls (beware: some are katoeys). Walking Street is not for the moralist or the plain bigot. It is for those who truly seek adventure wherever they may be found.



The nicest golfing greens are in Pattaya


during-late ‘80s to the early ‘90s-golf courses sprouted all over the country from north to south, especially over the six main tourist districts. The golf courses in Thailand are concentrated in Phuket, Hua Hin -Kanchanaburi, Bangna- Trad-Pattaya, Bangkok, Khao Yai-Nakhon Ratchasima, and Chiangmai – Chaingrai areas.

Pattaya may be known as the “Paradise Resort of the East” but it is also a place where some of the nicest golfing greens are found. Pattaya is a golfer’s haven with more than 20 world-class golf courses in and around the Chonburi area. Each golf course is well maintained, equipped with facilities that can only be described as world-class. Players are assured of a delightful tropical climate all year round. If it rains in one area, it doesn’t mean that it also rains in some other parts of Pattaya.


Package tour centers can arrange a place where you can play golf any day of the year, not allowing the wet season to spoil your lawn fun. While the quality of the courses is generally in tip-top international standard, prices for the facilities are not. Visitor green fees on weekdays start from Bt.300 to Bt.700 and during weekends green fees for non club-members range from Bt.800 – Bt.1,200 + Cart rental is Bt.500 – Bt.600, clubs rental Bt.300.-.Bt.500, shoes rental Bt.100-Bt.250 and umbrella rental is Bt.50. Regular stops at the relaxing watering holes encourage peak performance on the curses.

The luxurious clubhouse facilities and services complete a memorable round of golf wherever you play. Plus, at every course, you will be welcomed by ever friendly and courteous a staff characteristic of the Land of Smiles. Indeed it is no hyperbole to claim that hardly any resort in the world can offer so many courses of such high standards at such reasonable prices.p7


BANGSAEN a dream holiday destination


There are few places in the world that offer an amazing variety of sights and sounds such as Thailand. Fresh discoveries will surely surprise and delight every visitor. That’s because the country is a virtual dream holiday destination overflowing with culinary and cultural delights, festivals and feasts, islands and beaches.


One beach not too far from Pattaya is Bangsaen in the province of Chonburi. Primarily visited by locals, it used to be a mere fishing village but is now a bustling town ideal for that quick weekend or weekday trip. Upon arrival, simply rent a canvass chair and soak in the fun and sun. If the heat gets a bit too punishing for the skin, there are huge umbrellas that can also be rented. Food vendors who gather near the shore sell Thai food and snacks. In the center of town is Ang Sila, a food market known for fresh fish, squid, crabs and other shellfish unloaded daily by trawlers plying the waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Another market worth a visit is Nong Mon where the best dried seafood and sweets made from coconuts are sold as well as fresh and preserved fruits. Between Ang Sila and Bangsaen beach is Sam Muk Hill. A winding road leads to the top where monkeys live in their natural habitat. Just the right place to take some photos. At the end of Bangsaen is Laem Ta, a cape with a concrete walkway and a new pavilion where visitors will be treated to a spectacular sunset view.


Children will surely be interested to explore Srinakarinwirot University’s marine aquarium that houses practically every form of marine life in the country. Accommodation is easy, with numerous hotels, resorts and budget inns located close to the beach. Just look for one that will suit your budget. Getting there : Bangsaen is only 14 kilometers from Chonburi town. From Sukhumvit Road, traffic to Bangsaen branches off to the right at kilometer 104.


Amazing Underwater World

Touted as Asia’s largest and most modern ocean aquarium, Underwater World Pattaya is sure to delight anyone who visits this 100-meter long, 6.4-centimeter thick acrylic pedestrian tunnel filled with hundreds of fascinating and wonderful sea creatures.

Get a glimpse of your favorite sea animal in motion and more, including the rare shovelnose ray, a hybrid between a shark and a stingray. Located just 200 meters south of Tesco Lotus in South Pattaya, this 12-Rai theme park is neatly packed in a structure similar to a large circus tent. “This enables the place to have natural light that nurtures the algae

The aquarium houses more than 4,000 marine animals, comprising more than 200 different species from the region as well as some rare creatures from overseas,” explained David Hong, general manager and project investor.

Your Underwater World journey begins at the shallow “Touch Pool” area where visitors can see and interact with live marine animals like sharks, stingrays, turtles, starfishes, seahorses, different fish, seaweeds, corals in multitude colors, small creatures, among other species.

Visitors will then proceed down to the state-of-the-art acrylic underwater tunnel which is divided into three zones. The first part is themed “Reef Zone” featuring coral reef. Next is “Sharks and Rays Zone” showcasing sharks, stingrays and other creatures from the deepest part of the sea.

The last is the “Shipwrecks Zone” showcasing various kinds of edible fish. Get lost and enthralled with these amazing sea creatures which can only be seen at Underwater World Pattaya but don’t forget to flash that smile when you get your souvenir photos.


Songkran 2017 spurred over 45 billion Baht in spending in Thailand

Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports says the total economic impact of spending during the Songkran 2017 holiday was 45.428 billion Baht (US$1.3 billion*), representing a 14.40 per cent increase over the same period last year.

In addition, several destinations nationwide were reportedly recording noticeable tourism growth during the Thai New Year period. During the Songkran 2017 holiday period from 11-17 April, Thailand attracted 695,894 international tourists and generated about 36.941 billion Baht (US$1 billion), up 10.9 per cent and 16.40 per cent, respectively.

Meanwhile, domestic tourism resulted in 3.03 million trips and 8.487 billion Baht (US$242 million) revenue up 3.36 per cent and 6.45 per cent, respectively. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) organised and supported celebrations of Songkran 2017 in 14 destinations nationwide. They are: Bangkok, Chon Buri, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Ayutthaya, Songkhla (Hat Yai), Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phuket, Nong Khai, Samut Prakarn, Suphanburi, Nakhon Phanom, Lampang, and Sukhothai. Based on the Ministry’s preliminary data, of the 3.03 million domestic trips during 11-17 April, 2017, a total of 1.25 million trips took place in the 14 destinations, a growth of 5.61 per cent when compared to the same period in 2016. The total economic impact totalled 5.15 billion Baht (+7.86 per cent), or 61 per cent of total domestic tourism revenue generated during the Thai New Year 2017. Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor said, “I was delighted to see many international tourists joining the Thai people in celebrating Songkran 2017 in the unique Thai ways.

The Thai New Year is a time when family comes first, respect is paid to seniors, and people visit the temples to take part in traditional ceremonies. It’s all these beautiful aspects that make Thai culture unique and charming, and make Thailand one of the world’s most unique tourist destinations.” *Currency converter: 35 Baht / US$1*

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