Pattaya – also a place to relax

Although Pattaya is busy by Koh Samui or Phuket standards,
that certainly does not mean that it isn’t relaxing!

There is a wealth of ways to relax in Pattaya, so if you’d prefer to be close to Bangkok on your trip to Thailand, check out the luxury villas in Pattaya, nightlife of the town, and famous Thai massages that have made a name for this Bangkok satellite city.

Relaxation for many simply means not having to pick up after yourself, wash your own towels, make your own beds, cook your own food or worry about the state of the benches and floor! In Pattaya there are many of luxury hotels, service apartment and villa offers you relief from all this drudgery, with the daily maid service.

The Pattaya villa has marble floors, entertainment facilities and the feeling of being in a hotel – without crowds of people that you don’t know! It can sleep up to 8 people, and hanging around at this luxury villa in Pattaya, moseying up and down Jomtien beach, cruising around in the free hire car and sampling new taste sensations at the new Thai restaurant nearby are some of our favourite ways to relax in Pattaya.

Thai massage is another of Pattaya’s ultra-relaxing activities, and some masseuses will even come around to your private villa in Pattaya to give you a head, foot or full body massage at unbelievable prices. There are also hundreds of Thai massage shops in Pattaya, and you can even get one on the beach or in the market! They are designed to relieve stress and pressure over the whole body, with over 70,000 pressure points that the practitioners focus on.

They are an absolute delight! If relaxation to you means letting your hair down and partying hard, then Pattaya has some great relaxation opportunities. Pattaya beach road is where you’ll want to head from your luxury Pattaya villa for all the nightlife opportunities, like the exotic cabaret shows, karaoke bars, discotheques and nightclubs. Marine Disco is a great venue for house music from international artists, with free entry, and another free entry option on Walking Street is Tony’s Entertainment Complex.

The Hard Rock Cafe is a well known name in live music that is just as popular in Pattaya as elsewhere in the world – definitely something that you’ll have to leave the quiet comfort of your Pattaya luxury villa for! Golf is another of the best ways to relax in Pattaya – you can work out the kinks in your body and mind, focusing solely on the ball and where it has to go.

The Pattaya hills are known for good golfing, and there are several international class greens within 40 km of the city. The Siam Country Club has one of the most challenging golf courses in the world, if you want to lose yourself in the task at hand, and you can combine a weekend of golf with several choices of luxury villas in Pattaya that have courses on site.